THRESHOLD Missions Trust

Sample icon1 Our Missions Trust is an effort to reach our primary mission field: the 'Church'...

Discipleship Trust

Sample icon 2Our Discipleship Trust caters for soul winning and effective follow-up on new converts...

THRESHOLD Letter Trust

Sample icon 3We believe that the development of our intellectual potentials is also instrumental for ...

  • Welcome to TCNI

    Threshold Christian Network International is a non-denominational faith-based (Christian) organization, Registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria. Threshold Christian Network International (TCNI) is not affiliated to any other organization legally or otherwise. However, TCNI associates and collaborates with other Christian Organizations; Churches, Para-Churches, Student Ministries, Mission agencies and youth organizations whose objects are in consonance with our vision and values. read more


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Mission Statement

TCNi is dedicated to being a resourceful Christian Network that will provide sufficient stir and pull towards Revival in the 'Body of Christ' through unswerving commitment to Christ and deployment of our Cardinal programs. Furthermore, we hope that our impact will overflow the boundaries of the 'church' to saturate the society at large.